6 Types of Packaging To Consider

If you are looking to package a product, then you should know about the most popular and available packaging options. From food packaging to electronics packaging, you have many options to choose from. Here are six major types of packaging to consider.

1. Paperboard boxes

If you are looking for a lightweight yet strong packaging solution, then you will want to look at paperboard boxes. These types of boxes can be cut and formed into special shapes that make it ideal for specialty items. Paperboard boxes are made from pulp which is then bleached. Paperboard boxes are available in various grades for a number of different applications.

2. Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes offer a number of advantages that include the ability to recycle the package for future used. Plastic boxes are common when it comes to food packaging because of its ability to protect the contents from contamination. Plastic boxes have also been used to package everything from paperclips to toys. Another big advantage of plastic packaging is that the material is clear and is able to clearly showcase the product that is inside the package.

3. Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are also known as cardboard boxes. These types of boxes are widely used in everything from bulk dry items to package delivery from large e-commerce companies. Corrugated boxes are inexpensive and are available in a number of sizes. These corrugated boxes are made by corrugators which are able to work with the raw material to create the board from which the boxes are made.

4. Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes are used for luxury products that include high-end smartphones, jewelry, watches and other high ticket items. These boxes are made from a high quality material and are about four times thicker than cardboard. Rigid boxes are among the most expensive to manufacture. Typically rigid boxes are made by hand since machinery to make such boxes are expensive.

5. Polybags

Polybags are made from flexible and thin plastic fabric. These bags lightweight, reusable and flexible. These bags are cost-effective and available in a number of sizes. Also, poly bags are able to conform to the shape of the item inside the bag. Polybags are used to package everything from flowers to magazines, waste and chemicals.

6. Sealed bag

Foiled sealed bags are most commonly used on items such as coffee and tea. The strong layers of the sealed bag make is ideal to protect the items includes the bag. Foiled seal bags are also used for other items such as bedding and clothing.

There are many packaging options to choose from. Consider one or more of the above for your own packaging solutions. The right packaging solution can save your money will securely storing your items.