The Top 6 Myths About Disability Benefits

Disability law is complicated. That is why many people believe the common myths that are surrounding it. The following is a list of myths that need to be debunked.

1. Myth: You Have to Wait a Year Before You Apply for Disability

Fact: You don’t have to wait a year. In fact, it is best for you to apply for Social Security benefits as soon as you can. If you know that your condition is likely to be long-term, then you should go ahead and apply.

2. Myth: It Is Hard to Apply for Benefits

Fact: Some people have a hard time getting approved for benefits. However, it isn’t hard for you to apply. In fact, you can apply for the benefits online.

3. Myth: If You Get Denied, Then You Cannot Apply Again

Fact: Because disability law can be difficult to understand, many people do not get approved the first time that they apply. There are several reasons that people get denied. For example, they may not have submitted enough information.

It is best for you to hire an attorney. Your attorney can increase your chances of getting approved the second time that you apply. A good place to find more information is at the Disability Lawyer Toronto website.

4. Myth: Disability Benefits Are for Lazy People

Fact: People don’t apply for disability because they are lazy and don’t want to work. They apply for disability benefits because they have a condition that stops them from working.

Many people want to go back work, but they can’t. Even if they have a sedentary job, they may still not be able to do it.

5. Myth: You Cannot Work If You Are Getting Disability Benefits

Fact: You can still work if you are getting disability benefits. However, you will be required to report this to the administration. Your income cannot exceed a certain limit.

6. Myth: It Is Easy to Get Disability

Fact: You have to prove that you are disabled. You cannot just fill out an application. You have to get medical documentation from a doctor to prove that you are disabled. You must also have a long-term condition. If you are likely to recover from your condition, then you probably won’t get approved.